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ROAD OPENER Ritual Herbal Bath Salt /Handmade/All Natural

ROAD OPENER Ritual Herbal Bath Salt /Handmade/All Natural


Wash away the obstacles in life and open your roads. This hoodoo salts and herb bath uses the actual Abre Camino herb and other powerful cleansing and road-opening herbs to clear away the obstacles that stand in your way.


When to Take Road Opener Bath:

Our Road Opener Bath is perfect to use when seeking to open new doors and create abundant opportunities. It is highly effective for just about any situation you may find yourself in, especially when you feel unsure of what to do, challenge blocked, or stuck. This blend contains herbs that help clear obstacles away and transform bad luck into good luck. Whether you are searching for a new job, new love, or just want a fresh start, the Road Opener Bath helps to create the ideal environment to help you get there. Salt is a popular hoodoo ingredient for cleansing. It helps eliminate negativity and obstacles stopping you from obtaining your goals.


Comes in a 3.25" x 5.25" sealed bag with approximately 3.0 oz of product. Use for two baths. 


These hand-blended intention-based baths are created with organic bath-quality sea salt, essential & fragrance oils, and herbs. Use it as a tool to help manifest your intention. Use this as part of more extensive spell work or on its own. 




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