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Elleggua is one of the most important Orishas in Santeria. Orisha Elleggua is in charge of the Crossroads and can open or closed doors. Without Elleggua, nothing can proceed, transpire or succeed in the world. Elleggua will bless you with abundance, prosperity, and protection. Call upon this mighty Powerful Orisha when you need Justice, Financial Hardships, Protection, you name it!!
Sprinkle around you and on the magickal materials before spells. Add to the bath to help attract success and to experience growth and prosperity. Set the intention into the product itself. I still recommend when you are using it to set the intention to welcome positive energies. Add to the bath to help wash away bad luck and bring in the good, particularly when seeking fortune with money. If you sprinkle your room, pay attention to the corners and do corner to corner around the room. Set the intention to clear any negative energies or entities and anything that does not serve you. All negativity must leave and fill your space with light, love, and peace.


Comes in a 2.0 fl. Oz. plastic bottle.

Not for human consumption.

 For external use only.

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