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ROAD OPENER Sachet Powder

ROAD OPENER Sachet Powder


ROAD OPENER Authentic Sachet Powder (blowing/dusting/magical powder) is used to get "unstuck" in stagnant conditions, open up new opportunities, and clear away obstacles. Ideal for when you are looking to transition to a new career, new school, new love, or are just looking for a fresh start. Our unique blend has abre camino, orange essential oil, five finger grass, lemon balm, and sandalwood.


Package size: 2.5 in. x 3 in. (Approximately enough for 7 days ritual)

  • What it is

    These are the rare Voodoo Rituals Powders we use exclusively in our Voodoo Spells & Rituals, Authentic Voodoo Dolls or Magical Fetishes ~ hand-crafted & hand-blended exclusively for Freya's House by a renowned alchemist & initiated Priest based upon ancient methods, secret formulary and Voodoo family recipes.
    All of our Voodoo ritual powders are blessed and consecrated to insure success with your spiritual work – are not intended for the curious or the novice at ceremonial magic.
    Since we only use the finest ingredients and hand-craft every element in our Voodoo Ritual Powders, you will find them to be highly concentrated, very potent and powerful; very little goes a long way in your magical rituals.

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