SAN CIPRIANO Triple Strength Oil

SAN CIPRIANO Triple Strength Oil


San Cipriano Oil to Return Lover Back Home. This San Cipriano Oil formula will help you bring about the return of a wayward lover. What lover could resist such an intoxicating aroma drifting to them, calling them back home? Like invisible fingers, it reaches out and beckons the one you want to come back. If love is still there between you, this will help re-awaking it.

Glass Bottle Size: 1/4 fl.oz (2 dram)





  • How to Use

    Use it to anoint a scarlet red candle, add a few drops to a ritual bath, blend some with incense, wear it as a personal fragrance on add a drop to your pillow before sleep.

    It can generally be used safely on the skin in small amounts, but please use caution and test a tiny amount before you use it as personal anointing oil.

    Be positive and send loving happy, sexy energy out when you using this oil. No begging! Nothing drives a person further away from you than whining! Even if you are not vocalizing it, but you are whining silently to the universe, it has the same effect. This sort of your magick will do nothing to help your cause.  Be positive and work your magick – if it was meant to be, it will happen. This is the most powerful result on red or pink candles or incense.

  • Important:

    Remember, always use oils with visualization and with power. Most often, they're rubbed onto candles which are then burned in ritual. The magical goal determines the type of oil and the color of the candle used. The oil's powers mix with that of the color and the candle flame. All these energies are further boosted by the magician's personal power and are sped toward the magical goal through visualization.
    Made with natural oil that has been exorcised, along with a special blend of herbs. Each herb is individually charged with a direct intent. This oil has been prayed over and charged.