SCORPIO Triple Strength Oil

SCORPIO Triple Strength Oil


SCORPIO: (24 October - 22 November) The Scorpion is best known for her tough outer persona, perseverance, courage, consistency, healing and magical power and if unbalanced may be vengeful, controlling, exploitative, uncaring and cruel. Scorpio is associated with Pluto and the Water element.


ASTROLOGICAL, ELEMENTAL and PLANETARY OILS – Customize any of our magickal blends by requesting an add-in from our selection of elemental,  astrological and planetary oils. These add-ins will increase efficacy and give more specific results when combined with well-focused goals.

Add these astrological oils to hone in on specific objectives for your magickal work.

Glass Bottle Size: 1/4 fl.oz (2 dram)

  • What it is

    Scorpio energy supports magick related to increasing psychic ability, contacting other planes, merging with Deity, spirituality, prisons and prisoners, confinement, the downtrodden and unfortunate, criminals, hidden enemies, past lives and karma, reincarnation, magick in general, potions brews, poisons, drawing out poisons, cleansing, secrets and hidden things, finding lost items, banishment, exorcism, medium ship, charity and welfare, widows and orphans, spies, working on self-betterment by examining hidden aspects of yourself, hypnotism, mental health, nuclear power, radiation, psychic healing, working with oils, incenses and perfumes, luck in general, bad luck.
    Men like this oil as it adds to their energy, virility, and passion. Soldiers who believe it leads to military honors favor it.