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SPIRITUAL CLEANSING Dressed Scented Candle Spell

SPIRITUAL CLEANSING Dressed Scented Candle Spell


Spiritual Cleansing Dressed Candle Spell was created to help with cleaning out karma, over-empathy, heaviness, spiritual overload, and all those other issues that make a spiritualist feel like they're not at their best. This candle is the perfect "reset" as it helps you to release all that weighs you down, and draws in all that you need to embrace your higher self.

Just hold the candle to make sure it absorbs your energy and intention into it. When you feel ready, lite the candle and send forth your magic into the universe.

You Will Get in This Kit:

One Spiritual Cleansing Dressed Candle

One package with Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Salts ( approximately 1.0 oz.) 

Spell Instructions.

(candle holder is not included) 

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