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Natural Starfish Amulet

Natural Starfish Amulet


Starfish can be used in your rituals to attract great things to happen in the future. Powerful Natural Magickal STARFISH - special prepared and blessed!  Starfish unique magickal powers can be used in the spells:

            To attract great things to happen in your life.

            To help to led life with confidence, intelligence, courage and happiness.

            Starfish also connected to brilliance, protection and power of knowing without learning.

            The starfish represents Mary as she helps her followers in their troubles. Use in the spells for safe   travel (very powerful if you will travel by water)

            Use in protection spells during times of hardship. (The starfish classified under the element of water. Water is essential for survival.) 

           The starfish is also can be used in the spells of regeneration and healing.

           Use starfish in the spells to get spirit guide when you seeking for greater wisdom.

STARFISH can be used in spells, rituals and as a totem animal to attract:





Divine Love     


Experience and Guidance      

Cut of bad habits       

Emotional & Physical Healing     

Renewal Intuition      


Safe Travel

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