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"To Keep Your Mate Faithful" Spell

"To Keep Your Mate Faithful" Spell


Custom Magick Spell Kit

"To Keep Your Mate Faithful" Voodoo Spell designed to hold a guy back from straying. Love and fidelity is all you want from him- this voodoo spell will help to do it. It will work upon his nature to make him have eyes only for you. It will heat up the love between you both so your man don’t feel compelled to be unfaithful, no more.

This "To Keep Your Mate Faithful" Spell Kit includes all of the materials you need to craft a powerful  spell used to stop your mate from cheating and stay loyal to you.



Custom Magic Kit

BSM Spell Kits are custom magic kits with supplies pulled for your specific intention. After you’ll place an order, our spell casters will prepare and magically charge for you ordered spell. Spell kits include condition oils, candles, herb baths and everything required for the spell our customer’s request. All items in the Spell Kit you receive will be blessed and consecrated. Many of the items you receive will be artisan-crafted, carved with symbols and anoint with BSM authentic oil by our alchemist's. Step-by-step instructions included in every kit walk you through the spell casting process from beginning to end.

  • Important:

    But recognize this: You have to be playing for keeps. If you aren’t, don’t go messing’ with this spell. If you frivolous about your guy, it’ll end in tears. If you’re truly in the relationship for the long term, he’ll come to feel that way too. Love and fidelity will become the norm and you won’t have no more worries, wondering if your guy is cheating’ on you

  • Please Note:

    No one is harmed in any way with either type of spell casting

    The Product(s) in this listing is (are) for religious or curios purposes only.

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