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If you desire to succeed in any efforts or undertaking “Success “Charm Bag will help you do just that! It is wonderful for helping with career advancement, finding a job, getting someone out of your way, succeeding at school, in creative pursuits such as Music, Acting, and Art etc. Success Mojo Bag can help boost your magickal undertakings generally. Always good to keep a mojo bag nearby, while doing spell work as well. 


  • Comes assembled with powerful hoodoo curios, roots and herbs for special magical purpose.
  • Comes with 1.0 fl.oz, Mojo Oil
  •  Features soft comforting nice fabric
  • 2 x 2 ½ inches size perfect for carrying in pocket, hand, purse or hide in drawer.
  •  Features open top for inserting nail clippings, hair and other personal items for personal magic.
  • Full Instructions how to care and feed your Mojo Bag to get it working most effectively for you. Charge it and allow the magick to begin!

      Your Mojo Bag may vary from photo as each is individually and personally made. 

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