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Taurus Zodiac Talisman Necklace Gold Tone

Taurus Zodiac Talisman Necklace Gold Tone


Emerald green—Mother Nature’s lushest hue—suits grounded Taurus to a tee. Your great gift involves utilizing natural resources, ensuring that everyone you love is cared for. You are both sensible and sensual. In Taurean lore, Zeus seduced by disguising himself as a beautiful white bull. Ruled by artsy, ardent Venus your stone is the emerald, the stone of self-love and creative awakening.
Sun goes into Taurus: April 19TH - May 19TH
Words that describe you: Possessive, Determined, Practical and Sensual
Zodiac Birthstone: Emerald – Stone of Love and Romance
Your Element: Earth
Vibration: Determined energy
Life Pursuit: Emotional and financial security
Taurus Secret Desire: To have a secure life

Size: 20mm Diam.


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