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TO WIN CONTESTS Necronomicon Ritual

TO WIN CONTESTS Necronomicon Ritual


This Ritual is designed to turn luck vibrations your way in contests where chance is the chief factor in winning. It will help you to win lotteries, card games and other hams of chance whenever you place.

These Mini - Rituals are generally used when help is needed fast. This ritual is a single word (Solo-Word) incantation: say it, and wait for the desired result.

Kit includes: 

1 Dressed Candle

1 dram Ritual Oil

1 bag Spiritual Bath


  • What it is

    There is a Power older than witchcraft, and greater than magick, that we can use to draw things down from unknowing places, and call forces from outside the Spheres. The Necronomicon unlocks the gates to another dimension. to another race of beings. 


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