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Uncrossing Authentic Herbal Bath

Uncrossing Authentic Herbal Bath

A delightful and magical blend of dried herbs with Anamu for exorcism and Sage for purification. This powerful Anti-Hex Spiritual Bath truly helps you remove destructive energies and helps put your life back in balance and works best after using our Cleansing & Healing Spiritual Bath.  

This spiritual bath is the perfect spiritual supplement to our Spells & Rituals performed for you or our Powerful Spells & Ritual Kits!
  • Details

    As with everything at Freya’s House these powerful Voodoo Bath Washes are hand-blended, using only the finest roots, herbs, oils & ingredients, then blessed and consecrated during rituals to insure successful results!

    You will find Freya’s House Ritual Bath Washes relaxing, calming, soothing, rejuvenating, healing and luxurious while bringing the desired magical qualities into your life.

    Directions: Boil contents in 2 quarts water. Strain mixture and pour liquid into half tub of water. Mix well and stay in tub about 7 minutes while bathing and reflect on desires.
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