UNCROSSING Herb Aromatic Bath

UNCROSSING Herb Aromatic Bath


Uncrossing Herb Bath can be used to reverse or undo any jinx or crossed condition.
Sage, Spearmint and many of the most powerful uncrossing herbs are included in Uncrossing Herb Bath to remove all evil and crossed conditions from your life. Uncrossing Herb Bath is the perfect solution to shatter any curse, uncross your life and remove any jinxes or evil eye.

What you will get:

 package with Herbal Bath Wt. 21 g

Each component is natural and organic, with real herbs, barks, roots, and resins. Each of the components of Spiritual Bath Tea is 100% natural and contains no fillers or salts. In each bag is more than enough for multiple uses.

  • How to Use

    Uncrossing Herb Bath Uses:

    ·         Remove curses and break jinxes

    ·         Cleansing negativity

    ·         Driving away evil

    Uncrossing Herb Bath Spell Ideas:

    Use Uncrossing Herb Bath as a personal bath to undo evil spells that were directed at you or as a floor wash to cleanse your home from any nasty tricks that were laid in it. Uncrossing Herb Bath is the go-to solution for removing curses, jinxes, dark spirits, haunting, or any other negative energy. 


  • Important:

    These herb blends can be used as a magical bath or even as a floor wash to "bathe your home".

    Herbs for this spiritual aromatic bath have been carefully selected. Best Spells Magick creates hand-blended herbal baths using the finest dried herbs and roots for maximum magical effect. This special formulation was handcrafted by Official Witch of New York Dr. Donna. Please handle  with care as once these herbs are mixed and charged, the power within it awakes & becomes charged with energy. This is gift of nature.

    You can rest assured that you're using the best and most powerful magical tools because Freya’s House Co. herb baths are made entirely with real dried herbs and essential oils, not colored salts or synthetic perfumes.

    The Product(s) in this listing is (are) for religious or curios purposes only.