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UNCROSSING Aromatic Herbal Bath

UNCROSSING Aromatic Herbal Bath


Uncrossing Herb Bath can be used to reverse or undo any jinx or crossed condition.
Sage, Spearmint, and many of the most powerful uncrossing herbs are included in Uncrossing Herb Bath to remove all evil and crossed conditions from your life. Uncrossing Herb Bath is the perfect solution to shatter any curse, uncross your life and remove any jinxes or evil eyes.

The excellent herbal mixture can be used for Sachets, Charm Bags, Ritual Bath, or can be burned.


Herbal Bath Blend contains herbs for two baths and comes in a 4.0" x 4.0"  bag with approximately 1.0 oz of product. Each of the components of Herbal Blend is 100% natural.

For External Use Only. Please do not ingest it as tea.


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