UNCROSSING Spiritual Oil Bath and Body Wash

UNCROSSING Spiritual Oil Bath and Body Wash


Use Uncrossing Oil Bath as a personal bath to undo evil spells that were directed at you or as a floor wash to cleanse your home from any nasty tricks that were laid in it. Uncrossing Oil  Bath is the go-to solution for removing curses, jinxes, dark spirits, hauntings, or any other negative energy.

1.0 fl.oz. bottle

  • What it is

    Our Uncrossing Bath Oil has the perfect recipe to help you rid yourself of any type of negative influence that may be hampering your life or the lives of those you care about. Our Uncrossing recipe has the necessary ingredients to remove curses, negative energy, jinxes, crossed conditions or hexes. It can even be used as a spiritual bath to help reverse a harmful spell or can simply help you rid yourself of some bad mojo! If you feel you are being influenced by any type of unwanted energy, Uncrossing Bath Oil can help you accomplish that. More importantly, this gel can take any type of harmful energy and send it right back to those who may wish you harm. Uncrossing Bath Oil is a great way to create a barrier  and shield between you and those that have malicious intentions. This recipe is even known to dispel the evil eye.

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