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Uncrossing Spell Kit

Uncrossing Spell Kit


Clear away any evil magic that has been thrown at you and un-jinx yourself with Best Spells Magick powerful Uncrossing Spell Kit. The Uncrossing Spell Kit includes a series of 3 Uncrossing Herb Baths to purify your body along with a double action candle spell to uncross any curses that might perpetually be sent your way.

Uncrossing Spell Kit includes:
1 BSM Candle
3 packeges BSM Uncrossing Herb Bath
1 bottle BSM Uncrossing Oil
1Bottle BSM Fiery Wall of Protection Powder

An Uncrossing Spell Kit should be your first go-to option when you are concerned that you may be cursed or that someone might have sent spell work against you. Uncrossing Spell Kit is a thorough cleansing ritual that will wash away any evil powers, any negative spell work, or any dark spirits or entities that may be sent against you. It is the first line of defense that Dr. Donna Star recommends to any client who exhibits symptoms of being cursed.


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