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Uncrossing Voodoo Ritual

Uncrossing Voodoo Ritual

If you are experiencing the following situations, “Uncrossing & Protection Voodoo Spell Ritual” may be the first step in putting your life back in balance:
Your life seems to be heading in despair or unraveling
You are having trouble coping with everything
You are not feeling strong enough to effectively handle every day challenges
Your relationships are becoming more volatile and negative
Your level of self-doubt and anxiety is increasing
You are having troubles sleeping, eating, focusing, etc.
You are unable to feel comfortable with yourself or your environment
You are experiencing great difficulty in any attempt you make to better your life

For those who are feeling depressed, blue, weighed down or simply “out of sorts” due to stress, loss, grief, anxiety, recent break-up, frustration or negative situations and environments.

This powerful Voodoo spell cleanses, lifts and releases the accumulated negative energy build-up around you to bring forth rejuvenation, balance, peace and healing! We strongly recommend this before any love spells or money spells are performed to help remove any negative interference.
“Uncrossing & Protection Voodoo Spell Ritual” are highly concentrated and our most intense & powerful stock Voodoo Spell performed for you over 7-9 days by our highly experienced Mambo.

In the time of ritual, he will prepare for you special megickal items, which will help you to release the spell into your atmosphere. However, your spells go into effect long before you receive your spell release kit.

  • Details

    The Spell Release Kit will include prepared by Mambo this magickal materials:
    Authentic Voodoo Jinx Removing “Bitter” Bath Salt for 3 days.
    Authentic Voodoo Protection “Sweet” Bath Salt for 3 days.
    “Uncrossing” Perfumes Casa De Los Espiritus to anoint yourself at night time
    “Eleggua” Perfumes Casa De Los Espiritus to anoint yourself in the morning
    “Jinx Removing” Authentic Powder to dust your shoulders in the morning
    Voodoo Powerful Cleansing Spray, to cleanse energy in your home.
    Powerful Protection Amulet hand crafted and consecrated by Mambo.
    Upon ordering, email with your name, DOB, location, brief description of situation and photos if possible!
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