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Vision Spelled Warming Oils.

Fill your home or personal space with magick! Magickally Infused Warming Oils are meant to be used to infuse your personal space with wonderful magick.

Great scents that you can use as simply as placing them into your oil warmer or onto the item of your choice to create magick where ever you might find yourself!

For great astral travel help, opening of the third eye, spirit interaction, and soothing meditation.
You will receive 2 bottles of different scents:

1 dram bottle “Clarity” Perfume to help the seeker understand the issues at hand and see them clearly. To gain insight. May be used not only on a candle, but on the third eye.

1 dram bottle “Spiritual Vision” Magickal Oil for visions, astral travel, and prophetic dreams.

Spelled by 7 night cast.

There are so many ways to use these oils every day!
The possibilities are endless!

Scents are non-intrusive, pleasant one that works equal to the energy-equivalent of the spell desire.

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