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Voodoo Lucky Poppets

This is Voodoo hand crafted poppets for love, wealth, happiness, joy, health & love.
All of the Voodoo Dolls offered are authentic, one-of-a-kind, handmade creations!

This is 6 tiny Blessed Poppets for all areas of life need attention & blessings from the Great Loa.
Each doll will bring different blessing. Holding the doll close to you on particular day. Keep one under the pillow at night, and ask for needed blessing. In the morning take this Doll and hold the doll close to you all day. Holding all of them together, will ensure each area of life is taken care of under the love of the Loa:
Wealth Poppet
Health Poppet
Joy Poppet
Love Poppet
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