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WAR/ MARS  Spiritual Water

WAR/ MARS Spiritual Water


War Water/ Aqua Martis/ Hoodoo enemy wash is used to Declare War and for Protection.

War water, also known as Mars or iron water, is an act of aggression towards an enemy. Two of the main ingredients are rusting nails and rotting spanish moss, which creates an offensive odor. Historically, War Water was thrown or sprinkled on the doorstep of an enemy yard. The odor was considered to be “declaring war.”

Our War water is ready-made and ready to start getting to work; no additional ingredients are required. Our War Water is harsh because it's supposed to be. It is made with traditional ingredients such as herbs, rusted iron nails, magnetic sand, red precipitate powder, and water. 

Traditions Use:

·         To Curse an enemy
·         For tricks to your enemy
·         Declaring occult war
·         To trouble someone

It comes in a 1.0 fl. oz. plastic bottle. Bottle Shape may vary

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