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WHITE LILY/ St. Antony & Virgin Mary Ritual Natural Oil

WHITE LILY/ St. Antony & Virgin Mary Ritual Natural Oil


White Lily Triple Strength Ritual Perfume Oil - Peaceful aroma promotes tranquility of soul and mind. White lilies have always been considered a symbol of peace.


- Lilies are associated with the moon, water, emotion, and love.
- White Lily Perfume can be used for protection; they can keep away unwanted visitors, spirits, negativity, and curses.
- White Lily Perfume can be used to repel targeted love magic, or used to break spells regarding love.
- This White Lily Perfume can be used in relation to divinity; contacting spirit guides and angels, and aiding in communication with deities.
-  White Lily Perfume also can be used to bring strength, harmony, and ease.

White Lily Perfume can be used to treat depression by bringing lighter emotions and creating a sense of safety and security.


This oil is made with natural, plant-based essential oils, herbs, roots, and minerals associated with its magickal intent in a base of fractionated coconut oil and crafted by hand in small batches.

Bottle Size: 2 drams (1/4 fl.oz.)

Please Note Bottle Shape and Label Color May Vary According To Availability. Due to the

natural ingredients of Freya's House oil, the color will vary.


  • What it is

    According to the Victorian language of flowers, the lily is a symbol of majesty. Certainly the regal lily has always been beloved by both princes and paupers from all over the world. Greek and Roman mythologies mention the lily often, as do legends from China and Japan.

    The lily has often been associated with religious figures. It was thought to be sacred to the Minoan goddess Britomartis  was considered the flower of Saint Anthony  the protector of marriages; was thought to be the symbol of the Virgin Mary; and was a sacred symbol of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Roman mythology also associates it with Juno, the queen of the gods and goddess of marriage. According to the myth, when Juno was nursing her son Hercules, excess milk fell from the sky. Part of it stayed in the heavens, creating the Milky Way, and part of it fell to earth, creating the lilies. In Rome, lilies were known as Rosa junonis, or Juno's rose. 

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