WISH COME TRUE Dressed Scented Candle Spell

WISH COME TRUE Dressed Scented Candle Spell


Made on Waxing Moon Lunar Cycle. Made with Sandalwood essential oils, Black walnut leaf herbs, Dandelion leaf herbs, Blue Violet Leaf herbs. All candles come annointed, charged and Spelled to each Ritual Candles specific intention. All candles are made to their corresponding Lunar Cycle, and are  full of specific intention Oils & Herbs. This insures the Candles Magical Outcome.

Burn Candle on Waxing Moon Lunar Cycle, or Full Moon Lunar Cycle, to make your Wish Come True. Hold the candle in your hands, so the candle absorbs your energies. Think of your Wish, and what you what the candle to do. Project your energy and magical wish into the candle. Now lite the candle, and send forth your magic into the universe.


You Will Get in This Kit:

One Wish Come True Dressed Candle

One package with Wish Come True Crystal Salts ( approximately 1.0 oz.) 

Spell Instructions.

(candle holder is not included)