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WISHING Simple Candle Ritual Kit

WISHING Simple Candle Ritual Kit


There is an easy way to make your wishes manifest. Just light the candle and speak your wish! Simple but Powerful. Use for many purposes: wish fulfillment (wishing spell), goal setting, reality creating, healing, and other magical & pure energy magic applications. Use Wishing Spell for various ideas: General, Career / Money, Health, Love / Relationships, Decision Making, Motivational, Creativity Boost, Confidence Boost, Obstacles, Emotional Pain, Gaining Perspective, Block-clearing & more. Hand-crafted with good intentions. All ingredients are blessed.Manifest your wishes with these beautifully handmade and witch blessed Wishing  Sacred Intent Candles!


Each kit contains:

Three tea candles,

Wishing Oil,

Wishing Seal,

Wishing herbs,


Organza bag





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