GREEN Salt Witches  Salt for Prosperity & Luck

GREEN Salt Witches Salt for Prosperity & Luck


Holy Blessed Witches Green Salt can be used in Spells for Abundance, Prosperity, Growth Money and Luck. 

Sprinkle in each corner and over the threshold of the workplace, and add a pinch to the cash register as part of your weekly store blessing. 

For an online shop, sprinkle in the area where you keep your inventory and financial records. (Don’t get it in the computer!). Feed a pinch to a money drawing mojo bag once a week. 

Mix into loose incense or liquid potpourri to enhance magickal intent. 

Carry some in a portable shaker and casually shake a dash under your chair at a casino or bingo hall for good luck. 

Carry in a Sachet when looking for a job.

Use on Gardening tools to help bless them for a good season. (Do not use on plants they do not like salt).

Used with Black Salt, it can help bring good luck faster or for fast luck action.


Little goes a long way. Each bottle contains approx. 1/2 oz. of salt and the bottle measures 1/2 by 2-1/4 inches. Cork closer. Adorned with a Five Star Charm. Can be left on your altar as an offer or decoration.