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Wolf's Heart (Corazon De Lobo) Charm Amulet

Wolf's Heart (Corazon De Lobo) Charm Amulet

Wolf is Symbol of Protection, Courage, staying Wise and Strong in every situation. Having Unique Intuition and Survival ability makes Wolf to be one of the kind and transforms in to Magic Powers. 
It is said, that Wolf's heart is extremely powerful to stop evil spirit forces from inflicting their wrath on you. It helps to overcome harmful black magick spells. An enemy who tries to place a curse on the possessor will be stopped in his or her tracks. To gain protection for yourself when outside the home, carry a Wolf's Heart in a small red Mojo Bag. This fantastically powerful amulet offers unlimited protection to anyone who really has faith in his power.  Make a prayer to Great Wolf's Spirit whenever you feel you have been burdened by a curse of the evil eye. Can be also used in petitions to grant courage under extreme conditions and to strengthen the individual. Peace of mind will be yours. Love, goodwill, confidence and happiness will be drawn back into your life. 
Very Rare. Last quantities.
Contains one fragment specially prepared for magickal work

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the nature of this product RETURNS NOT accepted.

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