YEMAYA/ SEA QUEEN Spiritual Organic Bath Salts

YEMAYA/ SEA QUEEN Spiritual Organic Bath Salts


Yemaya Spiritual Bath Salts is designed to help you draw in the bountiful energy of the Yoruba Goddess, Yemaya. She is known as the Great Mother of all creation, the Mother of the seven seas, and the Yoruban orisha of fertility and motherhood. Yemaya oversees the Moon, dreams, trance, and wisdom. Orisha Yemaya is the Great Ocean Mother. Yemaya is associated with peace, fertility & protection.

Use this blend to invite her healing energies, increase your insight and wisdom, and open yourself up to new opportunities. Bathe in this blend as needed, ritual or ceremony as a body wash, foot bath, or sacred hand wash.


  • You will get:

    Comes in a 3.25" x 5.25" sealed bag with approximately 2 oz of product. Use for two baths 

    How to Use:

    Prepare your bath by filling your tub with water and a few spoons of the contents of  Bath Salt into the water. Soak in the tub for at least 15 minutes while concentrating on the areas of your life that need improving. After you have finished soaking, stand up in the tub. Wash from toe to head (upwards) to bring positive things to you; wash head to toe (downwards) to draw things away. Allow yourself to air dry. When you are done, take any remaining water and bring it to a crossroad. 

INGREDIENTS: Powdered Goats Milk, Finely Ground Pacific Sea Salt, Finely Ground Dead Sea Salt, Finely Ground Epsom Salt, Vitamin E, Aloe Extract, Glycerin, Dendritic Salt, Natural Colorant, Essential Oil, and Natural Fragrances. Made fresh at the time of each purchase to guarantee freshness