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Will Anything Bad Happen If I Practice Magick?

Witchcraft is to magick what the scientific method is to nature. When we use the craft, we are not manifesting wholly new truths. We are simply uncovering and manipulating the forces and realities that are already there.

To use witchcraft is to tap into the depthless reservoir of knowledge and truth and power that is just waiting underneath the paper-thin surface of perceived reality.

One of the most common concerns of the uninitiated is, "But isn't magick dangerous?" My answer, simply and honestly, is yes. Magick is undeniably and unimaginably dangerous. However, so is the ocean.

So are the caves beneath the surface of the earth we know and traverse daily. So is the magma beneath the earth's crust. Magick is dangerous because magick is in the earth, in nature, and nature is the most cataclysmically dangerous force in the universe.

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