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FREE Spell to Draw Love

Here’s a Simple Candle Work to Draw Love

Get a red or pink candle and carve the name of the person you desire all over the candle. Rub the candle with Come to Me, Love Drawing or any other love oil.

After the candle is well covered with oil, take a piece of wax paper or plastic wrap and spread it out big enough to roll the candle on the paper. Sprinkle the wax paper with love powder, catnip, crushed red rose petals, and bergamot. Roll the candle in the powder and herbs until it is well covered. Make your prayers and light the candle. Pray over the candle each day to ask spirit to help you get the one you love.

Please review the detailed copy for each item in our Magical Ritual Items Section to browse the best candles, spiritual oils and ritual powders for your spiritual needs.

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