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How Long Shall I wait For Real Magick Spells To Work?

People often ask, "How soon will i see results?"

I was taught (and i in turn teach) this:

• Look for SIGNS in THREE DAYS.



Now, signs, movements, and completion are three different things.

A sign is an omen or significant coincidence or synchronicity that indicates a link between your spell and the target or between the target and the goal for which you have cast the spell.

Signs can take the form of coincident names, numbers, speech, animal movements, weather patterns, and dreams.

However, if you believe that dreams are nothing more than "subconscious regurgitating," they will be of little or no use to you as signs.

Conjure is a world-view as much as a system of magic. The question of whether dreams can be signs if they are nothing more than "subconscious regurgitating" is similar to questions asked about magical spells by from different world-views: "Can i be an atheist and practice hoodoo?" "Can i practice hoodoo if i don't believe that herbs have spiritual power?"

The answer is that, if, for you, dreams have no value as spiritual signs but are merely "subconscious regurgitations," you would not be able to use dreams as signs.

The experience of seeing a sign is subjective and it is built upon a subjective belief in the efficacy of contact with a form of reality beyond the mundane, a glimpse into the liminal space between mundanity and spirituality.

Some seek signs in the Bible -- but if you don't believe the Bible is divinely inspired, you might not find signs there.

Some seek signs in nature -- but if you do not interact with nature, you will not be able to see signs there.

If your subjective experience is such that all activities are reducible to mundanity for you, you will not see signs at all, ever.

So i'll just leave you with this thought:

Go with what you believe in.

Now i also said that we look for signs "in three days," for movement "in three weeks," and for results "in three months" -- or the spell is deemed to not have worked.

After completing a spell (any spell, including candle burning, doll-making, setting up a honey jar, etc.), you may look for signs of coming success within three days, look for movement toward your goal within three weeks, and look for a final result within three months.

If you see no signs within three days, then you may want to add additional spell work; if you see no movement within three weeks, you definitely want to do more work; and if you get no results within three months, then whatever spell you tried (in your case, candle work, but this applies to all types of spell work) did not succeed and you should either give up the work or try again with a new and different approach, by which i mean not only a new and different spell, but also a new tactical approach toward your goal. If you see no signs and no movement, you can persist in the spell for three months, but any longer would not be recommended by me.

In my experience, if a mojo hand, free magic spell, spell kit, or dressing oil is going to work for you, there will be definite "movement" within a week. Many people report amazing and complete results the first day.

Some spells are traditionally worked over a period of time, such as 9 days, after which one is instructed to "watch and wait" for 3 days. In these spells, the results are expected to come about after the waiting period is over. Usually i would wait three weeks to see if there is any movement toward the results i desired -- and up to three months to wait for definitive results, after which time, if i saw no results, i would consider the spell a failure.

So many people think that they should proceed with a long-term spell even after the signs are bad, but for me, the opposite has always been true. Likewise, even if the signs were good to neutral, but i saw no movement in three weeks, i would walk away from the spell. We are not looking for last-minute turn-arounds here -- on the 90th day you get your result -- rather, we are looking for good signs, positive movement, and a successful outcome, completing the spell. If we get good signs and some good movement, we may add other spell work to the process, to increase our success rate. If we get bad signs and no movement, it is, in my experience, very unlikely that there will be a good outcome.

A spell/divination like this is a delicate dance. You laid your trick. Then you waited for a sign. You got a bad sign: the target responded by wiping away your spell work. End of story. Either try again but more sneakily, or use another spell, or give up.

I mean, what is the point of looking for signs, if you don't actually heed the signs?

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