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Are Magick Spells Guaranteed to Work?

The question of whether a mojo hand, talisman, or spell kit, or other occult item is "guaranteed to bring in results" is one that i am often asked. As most magickal practitioners know, every supplier in this country sells their products as curios only, for legal reasons which i am sure everyone can appreciate.

Magic is not guaranteed. Neither is prayer to God.

If a prayer is not answered, it may be that it is not God's will.

If a magic spell does not produce the results you hoped for, despite the fact that an authentic formula was followed and you put into the work all your best efforts and strongest belief, then all i can say is that God may have different plans for you.

It is a mistake to assume that most practitioners of folk magic believe that spells invariably work, like adding water to a box of instant mashed potatoes -- and that if a spell fails, it is the root worker’s fault. This is not so.

Most people know that skill or giftedness enters into magical successes, that timing is important, that traditional natural ingredients are preferred, that personal will and an outpouring of spiritual energy are crucial -- and that even when everything is done with the strongest of intentions and best of timing and authentic ingredients by a worker of great skill or giftedness, there is still no guarantee of success.

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers ever. He sometimes loses. He sometimes loses extensively. No one says that golf is a game of random chance or that Tiger Woods is a fraud just because he cannot win every game. It is the same with magic.

People who are members of magic-using cultures learn from an early age not to expect more from magic than an improvement of their odds -- that they will sometimes score a startling win or an almost impossible success, but not always. Most people who work with magic on a regular basis think of it as an edge, not as a certain win.

I believe that spells really do work, at least some of the time, just as physical efforts work some of the time.

In order to demonstrate the parallels between physical effort and metaphysical/spiritual effort, let me ask the magical question this way:

"Can doing spell work result in my achieving a hoped-for outcome?"

Now allow me to construct a parallel with physical effort: "Can physical effort result in my achieving a hoped-for outcome?" The answer in both cases is: "That depends on a lot of factors which we ought to investigate further before giving you a solid yes or no reply.

For instance, with respect to physical effort, you might ask: "Can people lift heavy rocks?"

And i might answer -- "Yes, they can -- but not every person can lift every heavy rock, and some people can lift no rocks at all, not even the light ones, and some rocks cannot be lifted by anyone, either because they are too heavy or because they are inaccessible to human beings."

So you see, even a simple assumption -- that physical effort will result in a hoped-for outcome -- cannot be answered yes or no in general terms with any certainty.

The same holds true when discussing spell-work. You might ask:"Can performing a love spell result in my finding a lover?"

And i would answer -- "Yes, it can -- but not every person can use spell work to make any given person love them, and some spell-using people cannot find lovers at all, not even among those who don't care who they love, and some people cannot be ensorcelled into love by anyone, either because they are too willful and self-determined or because they are inaccessible to love-oriented spell-craft by reason of pre-existing conditions such as their being already mated, their sexual orientation, their age, their physical health, or other unknown conditions and factors."

In other words, you cannot expect more of magical work than you can of the physical world as we know it. You may find in magic a useful tool, but, like any tool, it does not do the work FOR you -- it simply allows you to leverage your way from where you are now and the condition you are now in to where you want to be and the condition you want to be in.

Think about those things before you jump into spell-casting.

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