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Free Spells, Rituals, & Spell Kit Tips. How to cast a spell and get result.

Although our spell kit manuals, Gris-Gris bag instructions and ritual bath kit instructions are very detailed, we still receive emails from people with more questions so we would like to address them here for your convenience. If you need more time with one of our experienced practitioners to go over the instructions, you must schedule a spiritual consultation time to go over the details of your situation personally as the stores are not able to accommodate such time consuming conversations without an appointment.

First, we DO NOT encourage people using 14 different Spell Kits from different places simultaneously. If you are already working with another practitioner's products, ritual items, spell kits, etc. we really recommend you finish your work and wait for the results. You really do not want to be invoking conflicting Deities, Spirits, Lwa, etc. during your ritual work as this truly DOES NOT BENEFIT YOU. We receive so many calls from people who want to perform our ritual kits, but they are in the middle of someone else's Wiccan, Celtic, Voodoo, etc. ritual kit - which is great, but continue with what you are working with first and then see if you need a different approach. Not everyone's ritual work is going to work for myriad reasons but once engaged, you really need to complete the ritual to the end so you can see which path is working for you.

Please READ all the instructions very carefully before conducting your rituals - read the manuals, instruction cards and web site information twice or three times if you need to - most of your questions are indeed answered in these places. Also, if there is a word you do not recognize for whatever reason, please look it up in the dictionary. For example, do not call the store to ask what a chakra is, you should be able to research this on your own with no problem. Also, please exercise a little common sense and reason in performing your spell kit, do not call the store to confirm the spell kit instructions, they are as simple as possible. If you need personal time to go over the manual, you must schedule a consultation to do so.

When performing any Voodoo spell kit, ritual kit, etc., please be in a private environment, relaxed and focused on your ritual tasks. Do not let roommates, lovers, mates, the telephone, email, pager, etc. get in your way of your time with Spirit. Do not tell everyone on the planet you are doing spell work, do not engage in drama with people you are performing the spell work on, do not call, harass, stalk, get into emotional histrionics or arguments with your mate when performing your spell work, etc. Just do your ritual work and please, please, please, exercise some patience too. Do not email the last day of the ritual with questions about what time will this take effect, or anything along those lines, practitioner has no way of knowing when all of your requests, if all are possible, will come to fruition.

Your ritual work should take about 15-30 minutes per day, each day for the entire time or days of the ritual. Do not skip a day, do not skip a few weeks, etc. conduct your ritual each day until your spell kit or ritual work is complete. If you are forced to skip a day, then you must do 2 rituals the very next day at different times to make up the ritual time you lost.

The time of day isn't so important as long as you are performing your ritual approximately the same time each day. Do you’re very best to allocate this time for the duration of the ritual towards your spell work.

Although the spell kit manuals cover in great detail the offerings for the Lwa or spirit, please use your best judgment should certain items not be available when purchasing your offerings. All offerings are available at any grocery store in the US or convenience store, these are not difficult to obtain. Example, if they are out of Coconut Candy, substitute with coconut cookies, coconut pies, etc. Also, leave offerings outside each day if possible, try to bury them under a tree or at a crossroads, if this is not possible, dispose of them respectfully and explain to the spirits the reason you are unable to bury it or leave outside at a crossroads, this way they know it was intended for them regardless of your situation!

If you are unable to purchase alcohol, substitute it with different sodas, the Lwa love Soda and Fizzy drinks too. Same with tobacco, use candies or other treats to show your gratitude. St. Marta loves white flowers, so keep fresh white flowers in the vase for 9 days.

Your offerings should be well thought out and carefully chosen with your best efforts and sincerity - this is the goal after all, not the specific brand label of the product. What you give, you offer with your heart - your true intentions to sacrifice and thank Spirit are the purpose of the offerings.

Let your candles burn and equal amount of time each day, if need be, make equal distant hash marks in the candles for the amount of days you will need them so you can insure your candles burn the same amount of time each day.

When instructions say "anoint" this means to rub oil on the spell kit candles or pour a few drops of oil or a few pinches of powder each day in your gris-gris bag for the prescribed amount of days.

Please go with spirit or instinct on any other elements you would like to add to your altar or ritual items as you go. If you adding more offerings, placing objects on the altar, bathing before the ritual, etc. is purposeful for you, then do it; this is really between you and spirit.

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