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Is Magick Real or are the Results Just Coincidence?


Do some experiments for yourself and see what your results are. Keep a record of what you did, how you felt while doing it, and how it turned out.

Some people may be / seem to be / claim to be more "gifted" at performing works of magic than others -- for them, success seems to come early and easy and they continue the practice.

For others, this is not the case and after long struggles, they may drop the practice of magic.

The same is true of mathematics, of sports, of farming, of cookery -- some of these skills and arts come early and easy to one person and not to another -- some people may never excel at certain of these skills and arts.

Your *interest* in magic will carry you part of the way.

Your natural gifts may make even the early stages meaningful and successful to you -- or you may not be naturally gifted and yet find your way through dogged persistence.

Or you may find the entire venture useless and unproductive to your development.

Give it a try and see what happens to you.

Every person's story is unique. Only you can live your life story.

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